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Our Mission

Our mission is to make crypto accessible. Too often we've seen blockchain explained in a way that is overwhelmingly technical, driving the vast majority of people away. We take a different approach, focusing on understanding and practical application in the real world.

We're empowering individuals and companies to take the first step into one of the most innovative industries in the world.


William Ralston-Saul

Co-Founder | Lead Tutor

Will is the driving force behind Incrypto. His focus is on partnerships, delivery of the bootcamps and private tuition, having been in the blockchain space for over 5 years.

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Chris Profile
Chris Mason

Co-Founder | Director

Chris's focus is on strategic partnerships, having been managing director of an executive search firm for over 20 years. He has strong connections within the industry, having been exposed to cryptocurrency and blockchain since 2015.

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Malcolm Stewart

Co-Founder | Director

Malcolm's focus is on sales and strategic partnerships, having run tech and security businesses for over a decade.

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Otto Burney

Founding Member | Head of Product | Tutor

Otto's focus is on design and development of the website, platform and the bootcamps, having spent 2+ years as a UX/UI Webflow developer. He has been into crypto since 2017.

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Tom Profile Image
Tom Wright

Founding Member | Head of Digital Marketing | Tutor

Tom's focus is on web, marketing, content and social media, having spent the last 5 years in charge of marketing for multiple businesses. He has been into crypto since 2017.

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Tom Bohills Profile Image
Tom Bohills

Legal Counsel

Tom Bohills is the Founder and Principal of Chronos Law - a multi award winning boutique law firm specialising in Fintech scale-ups. He currently heads the Fintech practice at Chronos, specialising in high growth companies across the UK and Europe.

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Ben Mendelson Profile Image
Ben Mendelson

Legal Counsel

Ben Mendelson is an associate at Chronos Law and the firm’s Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies lead. He comes with over 6 years’ of experience in the Blockchain sector, having consulted private and institutional clients on a wide range of Blockchain–related matters and opportunities.

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